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Almost free

Found some forgotten things amongst my other bags. I had missed my favourite silvernecklace from H&M…

Det var kul att packa upp alla grejer jag inte sett på en månad. Och den lila toppen som jag köpte för sådär hundra år sedan på Gina Tricot passar bra ihop med nya kjolen från Monki.
Den köptes på rean och tack vare snälla C som jobbar på H&M(får rabatt på Monki med) så fick jag 75 % rabatt.

Bought this skirt at Monki, swedish brand owned by H&M, and because of 50% sale and my friend’s H&M discount of 25% it was almost free. Love it!

Oh and I finally have internet! Yey! The houseband of the family I rent from was here and gave me the code(they live in the same building), and he also fixed the TV. They are so nice.
Now I’m soon off to les halles, I’m gonna see if I can do some shopping on the sale. After that it’s coffee time and catch up with my old classmates Katie and Caroline from France Langue at Starbuck’s. Tonight work, but only 3 hours. Yesterdays 10 hours was a bit too much…

By the way… sun is shining today. Sounds like it’s going to be a good day huh?! 🙂


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