Fun stuff

Dancing = fun workout

Haha, don’t know what I’m trying to do here. Well Elsa seems to be amused by my somewhat odd pose.

The dancecrew… *lol*

Jo and Elsa is discussing worldpeace. Or not.

On my second drink… this is where I am starting to get a bit… uuh, not sober?

A really nice picture I think, of Manuel and Janis.

My cutiepie and me. 🙂

Okay so this is the point where it’s starting to get out of hand, about 3 seconds after this picture me and Jo almost fell down from the table…

There was a lot of pictures shot saturday night. Most of them are not to be shown. Ever. But here you have some! It sure was a fun night. Especially the naughty dances which sertainly gave me some workout for my legs(haha!) and another fun incident was when I tried to order the drink Orgasm and the bartenders just laught at me.

”Vous voudrais un orgasm?”. ”Uhhm, oui…”.
It’s a freaking drink damnit!


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  • Maja: STYLE & LIFE by LEIA

    Tack för din kommentar….det var en fin dag även om den var så väldigt fel.

    Bilderna från utekvällen är underbara….fyllda med glädje….usch vad jag saknar att ha en massa nära vänner i min närhet…och att gå ut å dansa….shit…1½ år sen:( Men så har jag ju förvisso fött ut en liten sparv också.


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