Update from London



Berfore going to London, I did not think at all about the fact that the sockets in England are different than in France and Sweden, so of course my computer charger does not work here. Now I’m at Janneke’s place and will sleep here tonight. While she’s taking a nap, I’m taking her computer hostage to write a short update for you guys. Since she has an English keyboard, I’d rather write in English than Swedish. I guess it’s also better for the non-Swedes reading my blog, since the words without accents don’t really translate in google translate.


Anyway… My vacation here so far has been great. I will show you lots of pictures when I get home. Yesterday evening we ended a great day with a nice restaurant dinner not too far from their place. After that we went to a newly opened bar on Hackney Road. The owner was a cute and charming British guy who had gone from model (yes, I’m talking eye candy) to bartender to event planner to bar owner and made the most amazing drinks. They also had a slushy machine with really good alcohol based ice slushies. The place only opened 1,5 week ago, so it was pretty calm but I think that with some word-of-mouth marketing, it will be a hit in no time. The bar’s called 184 hackney road, and obviously has the same address. If I lived in London, I’d go there again, that’s for sure. If not for the eye candy. Get your buts there asap!


We stayed until long after they closed and got free shots and beers, and after that we went with them to another bar for more partying. Today I payed the price for being out way to late but my sister’s boyfriend made us a brunch that kind of made it all better. Although I’m still pretty tired…


This afternoon I met up with Janneke in Camden and we went and had a bite at an Italian restaurant. After some quick shopping we went to her place to chill. Don’t know what tonight’s plans are, but probably nothing too crazy since we both are tired from last night. My Dutch former colleague was of course celebrating the victory of last night’s game, haha. 


Well, now I’m gonna watch Friends for a bit and enjoy to actually be able to see it without French voice overs.





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